Petro-Canada’s ultra-pure base oils are key to the performance of our products. They are manufactured using the HT Purity Process, resulting in crystal-clear base oils that are 99.9% pure – among the purest in the world. By removing the impurities that can hinder the additive performance of competitive conventional lubricants, we ensure our products retain their “fresh oil” properties longer. We take advantage of 30+ years’ experience formulating with our exceptional base oils combined with specialty additives to blend optimized products that provide longer life, greater equipment protection and smoother performance. That means you finish strong with more up-time, greater equipment productivity, lower maintenance costs and performance that goes beyond our competitors’ standards.

Petro Canada Lubricants Product Range

Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil

Industrial Hydraulic Fluids

Passenger Car Motor Oils

Automotive Gear Oils

Transmission/Drive Train Fluids

Industrial Gear Oils

Automatic Transmission Fluids

Compressor Fluids

Stationary Gas Engine Oils

Heat Transfer Fluids

Turbine Fluids & Wind Turbine Gear Oils

Multi-Application Greases

Electrical Insulating Fluids

Food Grade Lubricants

Misc. Lubricants & Greases