Luber-finer® offers a full line of reliable filters that provide high cleansing efficiency and capacity by trapping harmful contaminants such as dirt, scale and rust before they reach your vehicle’s fuelling system. Today’s demanding engines need quality filters to keep vital engine components such as fuel injectors and carburettors clean and functioning well. Luber-finer® offers high-quality filters ensuring proper fit and function. Luber-finer® filters are the best insurance for the life of your engine.


  • Filter Efficiency
  • Filter Media Technology
  • Quality Construction
  • Extended Filter Life
  • Warranty
  • Exceptional product quality is guaranteed:
    • One of the most comprehensive quality assurance programs in the industry to ensure Products always meet or exceed customer requirements.
    • Attained ISO/TS 2009-0060 Albion and ISO/TS 2009-0601 Shelby Township Registrations Required by many OEM customers
    • First US filter manufacturer to be ISO9002 certified and QS9000 Registered
    • In-house filtration laboratory offering complete testing and material analysis
    • Engaged in SAE and ISO test standard development



Oil is the lifeblood of the heavy duty engine. Luber-finer® high-efficiency oil filters provide protection from oil contaminants to help ensure optimal performance. Efficient filtration can reduce wear, guard against system failure and promote maximum equipment performance and uptime.

Luber Finer Oil Filters Feature Exceptional filtration for high-dust applications that can:

  • Extend drain intervals
  • Aid low-temperature start-ups
  • Increase full-load performance


Diesel fuel quality can have a major impact on engine operation and performance. Fleets must meet emissions standards while trying to maintain efficiency and maximize uptime. A quality Luber-finer® Fuel Filter can remove fuel contaminants, microbes and excess water. Scheduled maintenance and use of Luber-finer® Fuel Filters are vital to protecting your fuel system and equipment investment.

Luber-finer® Fuel Filters have:

  • All-metal housings
  • Higher pulse fatigue and higher burst strength
  • High-performance media
  • Up to 99% filtering efficiency**
  • Optional “no bowl” construction (where applicable)
  • Sensor ports for proper OEM sensor replacement (where applicable)
  • Easy-turn, low-torque valves.


Heavy duty engines rely on a mixture of air and diesel to generate power. Luber-finer® air filters capture harmful particles that can damage expensive engines. Cleaner air can help increase engine efficiency and lead to greater fleet uptime.

Luber-finer® air filters will:

  • Remove 99.99%** of airborne contaminants
  • Meet form, fit and function characteristics for the application


Modern hydraulic systems need clean fluid to operate safely and effectively. Efficient filtration reduces wear, guards against system failure and promotes maximum equipment performance and uptime. Minimize contaminants and protect your investment with reliable Luber-finer® filtration.
Luber-finer® Hydraulic Filter Products offer:

  • An extended line of cartridge and spin-on style filters
  • Filters available for low, medium, and high-pressure applications
  • Replacement elements for a wide range of manufacturers Up to 98.7% efficiency
  • Replacement elements for Schroeder, Pall, Caterpillar, Hitachi, Komatsu, RACOR and others


An improperly maintained cooling system can result in costly repairs and downtime. Luber-finer® coolant filters and system solutions help protect your investment. Luber-finer® coolant system products can help reduce fleet costs, downtime and prolong the life of your equipment.

Luber-finer® Heavy Duty Cooling System Products offer:

  • Standard Coolant Filters
  • Chemically Charged Coolant Filters
  • Chemically Charged “Controlled Release Technology” Coolant Filters
  • Supplemental Coolant Additives
  • Laboratory Coolant Analysis

Luber-finer® Heavy Duty Cooling System Products help protect your system against corrosion, build-up of harmful deposits and help balance the pH of your coolant.


Fleet managers and regulators are always trying to improve safety. Breathing cleaner cabin air may help drivers be more alert so they can finish their routes safely. Quality cabin air filters can help remove allergens, dust and particulate matter that can irritate the eyes, nose and throat.

Luber-finer® Extreme Clean HD™ Cabin Air Filters:

  • Absorb Odours
  • Combine Activated Carbon with Arm & Hammer® Baking Soda
  • Filter 98% of contaminants (as small as 5 microns)


Diesel engines burn leaner mixtures of fuel and air than their gasoline-powered counterparts. This results in the production of nitrogen oxides and other pollutants. To comply with recent regulatory standards for emissions control, all heavy-duty diesel truck engines produced after January 1, 2010 have SCR (selective catalytic reduction) systems.

SCR systems require advanced filtration solutions for optimum function. Luber-finer urea filters are designed to meet OE performance specs for flow rate, filter rating, initial differential pressure, capacity and final filtration efficiency.

Luber-finer has a full line of urea filters for many of today’s most popular applications, including:

  • Caterpillar
  • Chrysler
  • Cummins
  • Deutz-Fahr
  • Freightliner
  • Hyundai
  • Iveco
  • John Deere
  • Mack
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Volvo
  • Western Star